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Reply To: A standalone Java client: FireflyClient



Hi every one,

Christmas day is pretty calm at work…. so it let me the time to finalize and deliver the new release of Firefly Client : FireflyClient : 0.8b
Main features are :
– Library autoloading
– Applet version (can be installed server-side)
– Genre panel
– Criteria search
– Player controls shortcuts (play, next, previous)
– one more language available : IT (thanks to Christian)
– bugs corrected

I hope it will suit your needs and demands and it is not too buggy !

Here is the detailed changelog below.

Version 0.8 b
- Added library autoloading option (activated by default if only one library exists or in applet mode)
- can be changed in the preferences dialog
- Added a splash screen on startup (Might be usefull in autoload mode when app takes time to contact the server)
- Added an optional "Genre" panel (activated by default, might need to reload the remote library)
- Search by criteria feature (all, genre, artist, album or title)
- Added shortcuts to control the player (play/pause, next and previous)
- Added an applet version of the application (allows server-side installation)
- fireflyclient-applet(.zip or .tar.gz) must be uncompressed in admin-root directory or server
- the URL to load the applet is then : http://server:port/applet/fireflyclient.html
- applet should work well with Firefox and IE if Java runtime plugin is installed
- This works because those two browser manage 'jnlp_href' param in <applet> tag
- For those that don't (Safari, Chrome), workaround can be found but jar file (FireflyClient.jar) must be served by
another web-server than the built-in Firefly Media Server web-server.
Indeed, as built-in FMS web server doesn't send HTTP header 'Content-Length',
classic java plugin behaviour (as opposed to JNLP behaviour) is unable to
cache the resource (jar file) which can be pretty inconvenient.
- Added IT translation file (thanks to Christian)
- Added a right-click menu on editable playlist songs to remove songs from it

- [FIXED BUG] Window title unicode support
- [FIXED BUG] Now manage EOFException when seeking too close to the end of track
- minor bug fixes

As usual, any support, any remark, bug report, feature request is welcome…

Merry christmas to all,

— caribou