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Reply To: A standalone Java client: FireflyClient




I didn’t test the download speed in Starbucks/Cafe Nero etc but I’ll do this in due course.

Meanwhile, I tested my connection speed at home – download approx 6.2 gig, upload approx 0.4 gig. Switching routers and ports didn’t make any significant difference to these measurements so I’ve gone back to the BT Home Hub and port 9999.

Firefly Client is super-fast on my wireless laptop when working on the LAN side but clearly it would be much more useful on the WAN side. I’ll experiment with file compressions to see if it makes any difference to streaming performance. I might need to consider a dual-library set-up with my current mixture of 320 mp3 and FLAC for home use, and maybe something like 128 mp3 for use when I’m out and about.