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My upload speed from home tends to be around 1/3rd of a gig (max half a gig).

I’m definitely reaching Firefly or else I wouldn’t have been able to retrieve the database.

Installing Bonjour/Firefly at home automatically opens port 9999. I retrieved the external IP address of my BT Home Hub from the set-up screens and then it’s just a case of entering this address and port 9999 when running the Firefly Client on my laptop. I surprised myself that I got it to work on the LAN to be honest!

I don’t really understand the 2-3 minutes delay either, nor the extreme stuttering streaming once it starts to play, but I’m going to try a couple of other things – 1) change the port on my Firefly server installation (just in case something else that I don’t know about is also trying to use 9999) and 2) connect with my other router (Linksys WAP54G) as the BT Home Hub is pretty sluggish when connecting from ‘inside’ my firewall and you’ve provided a clue that it might be the weakest link in the chain when trying to stream to the outside world.