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Reply To: A standalone Java client: FireflyClient



I installed this excellent app yesterday and got it working perfectly on my laptop connected wirelessly on the LAN side of my router.

Today, I thought I would venture out and see how it would perform connected via a wireless access point in a cafe or two.

I connected at 54 Mbps and managed to load in my Firefly library, although it did take a couple of minutes compared with 10-20 seconds when running on my LAN. I have about 7500 songs in the library, mainly 320 mp3 files.

So far so good and at least this seemed to prove that the relevant port was correctly opened up.

However, when I selected a song to play, it took 2-3 minutes (or more) before anything happened (the program became non-responsive so it was doing something) and then eventually the track started to play but in fits and starts as if there was insufficient bandwidth. I tried a few different songs, including some 192 mp3 files, but the result was the same every time.

I had thought (hoped) that 54 Mbps would have been ample bandwidth to stream 320 mp3 files so is there another reason why my files aren’t streaming smoothly?

I’ve stuck with the Firefly port 9999 but would it be an idea to select a different one? If so, which one? If I select this new port in Firefly Media Server, is the port automatically opened so that I don’t need to do anything different in Firefly Client? Sorry, but my knowledge of routers, port forwarding, etc is close to nil so apologies if I’ve missed something obvious!

Any other settings I need to be aware of and/or change?