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@keror0 wrote:

Glad to see development resume after the long holiday, don’t forgot to fix the UTF songs name doesn’t display correctly in window title bug! 😀

@keror0 wrote:

Done. Hopefully I sent the correct file to you.

Good news ! Thanks for having sent your library file. After some quick test (and having installed the “East asian language pack” for window) I reproduced the buggy behaviour and I found a simple workaround which will be part of the next release. Next release is not ready at this time and I don’t know when it’ll be as I do not have much spare time (I’ll soon become dad !) Most new features are almost fully implemented (Genre panel, library autoloading, search by criteria) but some are not completly finished (applet support).
@keror0 wrote:

One quick question, am I correct that Album Art must be embedded inside every mp3 songs in order to get FireflyClient display it during playback? Just a folder.jpg or cover.jpg copy to the same folder with the songs doesn’t works?

You’re right. The album art must be embedded in each song to be displayed in Firefly Client. I think there is a support in firefly media server to dynamically embed album art from a jpeg file located in the song directory when song is served. The name of the art file is configurable in mt-daapd.conf file with the property “art_filename”. This is an experimental support and I’ve not tested it. It might be worth to give a try if you are not able to embed artowrk in each file.