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Reply To: A standalone Java client: FireflyClient



@bugmenot wrote:

1. I can create my own skins for this<

I am using for skinning. I think you can make your own skin. If you do, send it to me and I’ll include it in the project. There is no external skin loading feature included in the client by now (and I don’t think it’ll come… at least soon 😉

@bugmenot wrote:

2. I can run this on the server side so I can access my music using a web browser remotely. This would be a real nice to have because then I don’t need to download the client on all my machines. I could simply point my browser to your client and access and play all my music.

I’m working on an applet version of the client, which means that you’ll be able to install it on the server. As I don’t have a lot of spare time to work on it, I do not promise any delivery date (there are other ongoing features/bug correction too – genre panel, library autoloading,…)