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Hi RigasW,

@rigasw wrote:

Thanks for your player. I have been using it for some weeks now. It has more ore less replaced GIt on my clients.

I’m pleased to see that FireflyClient suits you!
Thank you too for giving me ideas for further developments :

@rigasw wrote:

– Possibility to have a default library that is used automatically when starting the player (Suppress the dialog for occasional users).
– Option to have a default behavior when the remote library differs from the local one. (Suppress the dialog for occasional users)

I’ll sure add this to the next release as it should not be too difficult. It indeed has already been requested by someone else on this forum.
@rigasw wrote:

– Possibility to remove songs from playlists with the mouse. At the moment I do this with an SQL script on the command line …

At the moment, you can already remove songs from playlist but only with the keyboard : just select songs you want to delete and press the ‘delete’ key (not backspace). This should do the job. In the next release, I’ll add a mouse context-menu to do the same to stay consistent playlist deletion mechanism (which already has a context-menu for that)
@rigasw wrote:

Possibility to control the player with keys in addition to the mouse.

Depending on what you mean, this one could be tricky or impossible to implement in java. If you just mean add shortcut for play/stop/next/previous when player has the focus, it is simple (though it would probably mean to add interface in the preferences dialog to set custom shortcuts). But if you mean controlling the player with keys when the player hasn’t got the focus, I’m afraid it’s quite difficult (maybe with JNI – Java NativeInterface) or impossible as the language used (java) doesn’t really integrates with the host operating system (applications are run in a virtual machine).

My personnal ideas for future releases are the following :
– Genre panel ?
– Search by criteria (all, or just genre|artist|album|title) ?
– Add the possibility to download songs/covers


— caribou