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Reply To: A standalone Java client: FireflyClient



I have just released a new version of FireflyClient : 0.7b
Main features are :
– multi-column sorting management (CTRL-click to select multiple columns)
– optional scrobbling support
– two more languages available : DE, NL (thanks to William and Thorsten)
– bugs corrected

I’ve had some hard times after the summer holidays, which explains why this release comes late. But I eventually finalized some started work (such as multi-column sorting) in order to publish this release. Hope it is not too buggy !

Here is the detailed changelog below.

Version 0.7 b
- Added multiple column sorting functionnality (CTRL+click to sort on more than one column)
- sorting criteria are persisted through application restart
- Make amazon cover search ignore accent (search with accents give no result)
- Authorized multiple artist/album selection
- Added NL translation file (thanks to William)
- Added DE translation file (thanks to Thorsten)
- Added the possibility to filter on media type to hide unsupported filetypes
- comma-separated list of extension to ignore in Preferences dialog (persisted through app restart)
- library has to be fully reloaded from server (don't forget to save it after) for this to work
- Added optional scrobbling support (default: deactivated)
- Check checkbox in preferences and enter username/password.
- Supports following functions :
- NOWPLAYING : each time a song changes (not persisted in profile)
- SUBMISSION : Songs are submitted regarding last fm criteria (more than 30 seconds long,
have been played over half of the song's length or more than 240 seconds)

- [FIXED BUG] Correct time display for tracks over 1 hour
- [FIXED BUG] Correct first track selection in shuffle mode (it was always the first one before)
- minor bug fixes

As usual, any support, any remark, bug report, feature request is welcome,

— caribou