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I have sucessfully set up the Firefly service on my home network to allow PC’s on my LAN to access my iTunes library from the NV+. I copied my music to the following path on the NV+ /c/media/iTunes

All was well until I tried to set up streaming to my PC at work. I opened up port 3689 on the router and as a test I went to http://:3689 and I was able to connect to Firefly on the NV+ So far so good! I then downloaded the latest Firefly client .06 from sourceforge and launched it from my work PC. I provided my IP address, password and the library list downloaded quickly. I clicked on one of the songs and after a long delay, the followiing error appeared… PS, I tried this on my LAN on a spare PC with the same results. Has anyone experienced this issue? I’ve poured over the forums and have not found a solution, hopefully someone can help! Thanks