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Reply To: A standalone Java client: FireflyClient



I have created some smart playlists by Genre which show correctly in iTunes/Roku Soundbridge /playlist.html but when accessed through the java client show different tracks! it is very strange. i have checked the tracks in question and they definitely do not have the genre being selected (both in the ID3 tag and the itunes library xml file) but show when querying the playlist from the java client. is anyone else seeing similar?

an example is an album which is tagged as Rock/Pop but comes up in the smart playlist created where ‘genre = “Country”‘

has anyone any idea why this could be happening?

seems to be ok now since i rebuilt the database.

other problem which is related is that the artist list has a entry called “compilations”. i have setup firefly to not group compilations and roku/itunes and the playlist.html page all show all artists. the java client groups sme (but not all) compilation artists together