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Hello everybody, sorry for the delay but I’ve had a few days off…
Here are some answers:@cromei wrote:

OK, the create new playlist is cool… However… If I delete the database or do a full scan will it disapear?

A simple scan is OK. But if you delete the database file, nothing is recoverable as all is stored in the database by the server.
@cromei wrote:

If so, should we have an export to .m3u utility for the playlist?

I’ve been thinking about it, but what about the import process ? Should we place the m3u file on the server (if so, the playlist is no more writeable, just readable) ? or write an import process which allow creating a static playlist on the server from an m3u ? This should be a little tricky as playlists are based on song ids which change after a database full rescan.

@jheinitz wrote:

It looks nice, but since 95% of my files are AAC files and not MP3 they don’t play. Is there a way of getting these AAC files to play

Actually, there is no way I know for directly playing native audio format as ACC or WMA in JAVA. I’ll look deeper into two possible solutions: one about dynamically loading native audio libraries (which would allow playing AAC on apple and WMA on windows), the other about using free libraries which are able to play these kind of format (ex: ffmpeg). But in both cases, it would not be in a near future!
Another simple solution would be to use the “transcode” functionnality of the server. I’ve not tested it because all of my files are mp3’s nor know details about it but you should find details on other threads of this forum.
@alcenta wrote:

Is the only easy solution to create Static Playlist without extra work. Could it work from the Web ?

If you mean by “from the web” from any computer with internet access, the answer is yes. (if you can access your server remotly, ex: http://yout_server:yourport/). You can also set a proxy server if you need it.

@alcenta wrote:

I am trying to delete static / dynamic playlist without sucess, how can i do?

There should be a context menu appearing when right-clicking on a dynamic or static playlist (except for the itunes ones or m3u)
@alcenta wrote:

Where are the m3u located ?

The m3u should be located on the server and are served by the firefly media server. Playlist created by Firefly Client are static one (but not m3u) directly stored in the database by the server.

— caribou[/quote]