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Reply To: A standalone Java client: FireflyClient



@cromei wrote:

I gave this a try and it is great as always.

Thank you!
@cromei wrote:

However the File –> New Playlist is greyed out. Did I miss an instruction to get to this?

Advanced playlist management makes firefly media server crash before version svn-1488. So I added a server version detection function to only activate playlist advanced functions for server over svn-1488. As a matter of fact, functions are disabled for you! So either your server has a version under svn-1488 or my version detection function is broken. If the function works well, you should see the server version in the title bar of firefly client after having loaded the library.
Ex: Firefly Client – [Windows] Firely Media Server @ localhost:9999 [svn-1586]
Server version is detected with the request: http://server:port/rsp/info (either in the xml response or in the response HTTP headers)
Hope this will help !