Reply To: A standalone Java client: FireflyClient


I have just released a new version of FireflyClient : 0.6b
Main features are :
– advanced static playlist management (create/update/remove)
– player panel redesigned
– bugs corrected
I didn’t have a lot of spare time these previous weeks, and it doesn’t seem to improve ! So I uploaded this version (at last!) though it could have been more stable with a bit more develoment. But I don’t know when I’ll be able to work hard on it again. Here is the detailed changelog below.

Version 0.6 b
- Added editable static playlists management (readwrite) for firefly media server over svn-1488 (previous version make server crash)
- create/rename/delete static playlists (confirmation before deleting)
- add songs to a static playlist by drag and drop from song list (if playlist has been previously loaded)
- delete songs from song list (DEL button)
- rename/delete smart playlists

- Added a preference option to sort static playlists (default: yes)
- Display server version in window title when not playling song
- Added optional usage of amazon webservice cover support for missing covers
- option in preference (default: no)
- Rework of info panel around track slider
- added volume slider
- icons for status
- song info, redesigned track slider (now seek to the click position)

- Tries to skip invalid frames when reading mp3
- Switched back HTTP compression default to false

- [FIXED BUG] Correct time display for all time zone
- [FIXED BUG] Correct the artist display in frame title when unknown
- [FIXED BUG] When you paused a song, and unpause, it played the selected song and didn't continue the previous song: now fixed.
- [FIXED BUG] Playlists were being loaded correctly, however browsing them was broken.
- It always selected ALL songs from a given artist or album, and not only those in the playlist: now fixed.
- [FIXED BUG] When encountering playlist names with special character, could crash: now fixed.
- [FIXED BUG]: Seeking was not available anymore after having changed look 'n feel: now fixed
- Minor bugs fixes

As usual, any support, any remark, bug report, feature request is welcome,

— caribou