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@fizze wrote:

Its complaining about skins, and skin look and feel stuff missing.


It seems that it’s just a problem of classpath configuration. Classes are present in the jar skinlf.jar in the “lib” subdirectory. Do you have the same error when build the app with ant (using build.xml) ? To avoid those kinds of problem, add all the jar files contained in the lib subdirectory to your classpath.

I don’t know if you received the mail about translating Firefly Client to german ? Would you be interested in it ? So that I could add German support to next version (maybe in a week with full static playlists management support, I hope 🙂 ) If you agree, you’d just have to send me a translated version of the translation file:*checkout*/fireflyclient/fireflyclient/src/net/firefly/client/resources/translations/
to vcariven [ at]

If other are interested in translating it into other languages, I’m quite demanding …

Thanks in advance

— caribou