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@fizze wrote:

Well, now I’ve had a chance to play around a little with 0.6.
Awesome work

Thank you!

and here are a few bugs that I found:
-) When you pause a song, and unpause, it plays the selected song, and doesn’t continue the previous song.

That was a choice at a the beginning, I think you are right that that’s not the more intuitive, I’ll change it in the next release.

-) Playlists (including smart one’s) are being loaded correctly, however browsing them is broken. It always selects ALL songs from a given artist or album, and not only those in the playlist. I have a smart playlist that contains all songs added within the last 2 weeks. Say I’ve added a new Elvis album yesterday, firefly client would still present me ALL albums by the King in that playlist.

I’ve not done a lot of testing for that ’cause I don’t really use playlists for myself. I think it’ll be easy to correct (certainly available in the next release).

-) The notification popup when a song is changed is a brilliant idea. However the buttons to skip to the next/previous song don’t work at all, or take a very long time until they do something.

I don’t really understand this one as this functionnality works well for me for a long time. Don’t see what to do to solve that!
Thank you again for furthering this app!
— caribou