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@fizze wrote:

Heh, I finally got around to trying this, very nice UI 🙂

Thank you very much….. but it seems that it is not enough 😥 to get it work !

I, however, hit a brickwall with 0.5b:

[FireflyClientException] class - IOException while unmarshalling the database (during parsing).
at net.firefly.client.controller.request.RSPRequestManager.getDatabase(
at net.firefly.client.gui.swing.dialog.NewHostDialog$OKButtonActionListener$
at Source)

It is very strange because regarding the trace, the error does not occur while loading the song list (which may contains strange character) but just asking the database (which should not be a complex xml):


Have you tried several times, because I had a similar error that occured sometimes when testing HTTP compression support (see your preferences), but I couldn’t reproduce it always. This made this bug hard to correct! I’d be glad if you could provide me with the xml to have a closer look at it. You can retry to see if you can reproduce it always or disable HTTP compression to see if it still happens.

I am using svn-1696 with sqlite3 on a NSLU2

Nothing to do with it but i’m trying too migrate from svn-1376 to svn-1696 but with debian etch and it seems that there is no sqlite3 database support. I found sqlite much more slow than sqlite3. Do you know where I can find a .deb package 1696 with sqlite3 database support enabled ?