Reply To: A standalone Java client: FireflyClient


Heh, I finally got around to trying this, very nice UI 🙂

I, however, hit a brickwall with 0.5b:

[FireflyClientException] class - IOException while unmarshalling the database (during parsing).
at net.firefly.client.controller.request.RSPRequestManager.getDatabase(
at net.firefly.client.gui.swing.dialog.NewHostDialog$OKButtonActionListener$
at Source)

Ok, that Xerces-Parser I know from a couple of other projects. I am using svn-1696 with sqlite3 on a NSLU2, that is currently hard-pressed doing lots of other stuff.

But as my soundbridge can access it, I guess so should firefly client?

I guess the XML parser just chokes on some malformed input, probably special characters, umlauts, etc? I can provide you that XML, if that would help.