Reply To: A standalone Java client: FireflyClient


@richo132 wrote:

Excellent – easy to use, looks good and faast (for 13,000 song library)

Thank you very much !!: Let’s look at your bug reports…

1. track time displayed with spurious leading “3” eg 35:08 instead of 5:08

This must be related to your default timezone. I will correct it in the next release for this to work with all timezones (easy fix).

2. switch to ibarthemepack and back to normal – lose page header

This is a known bug as I wrote in the 0.4b changelog. Restart is needed if you switch with the Normal (native) look and feel.

3. Player Error: Connection timed out (proxy= / port=) – after about 4 songs

This seems more awkward ! Does it crash every time ? Is your server still up after error? Does it happen on different/same song ? What type of song (mp3, ??) What is the stacktrace (error details) ? What is your configuration (java version, os, firefly server version + os) ?

I’ll try to have a closer look at it if you provide me details and a song ?

For an in depth diagnosis, you could open me a temporary access to your server ? (you can write me at: vcariven [at] – i’ll make no bad use of it 😉 ) It may be the connection/read timeouts which are too small for some songs and/or connection bandwidth.

Thank you again for your feedback!