Reply To: A standalone Java client: FireflyClient


I have just released a new version of FireflyClient : 0.5b


Added playlist support (readonly) and incremental update functionality.

- Playlists management (readonly)
- Playlists names are loaded remotely whenever loading a library (local/remote/update)
- Playlists songs are lazily loaded when clicking on the playlist item
- Smart playlists are displayed first, then static ones (all sorted alphabetically)
- Playlists items are not cached locally when quitting the application (always remotely loaded)

- Smart library update, just request new songs present on the server
- removed songs are not detected while the update which may lead to invalid songs in the current playlist
-> So, when the player tries to open an invalid song (HTTP status 404), it is automatically removed from the list

- Modifiy search box to search on the current playlist
- Made left panel resizable (size persisted)
- Change window title to display song played
- Now closes current open library if any before opening new one (without confirmation)
- Exit confirmation popup opens only if changes are detected (new songs, removed songs, password changed)
- Added the firefly client store directory in about dialog (beside/below the client version)
- Bug fix about sorting with unknown artists (when loading remote songlist)
- Minor improvement on dialogs sizing/navigation
- Improved cover management (for all size/ratio)
- Minor bugs fixes

Any remark, bug report, feature request is welcome,

— caribou