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Reply To: A standalone Java client: FireflyClient




Glad to see it is working!

@onecaibou wrote:

Any chance we could get a volume control in the client?

Thanks for the remark, I add it to my todo list. It’ll be in one of the next releases.

@wwaren wrote:

Is there a way to have it update a library once its done a scan, or do I just redo the library from scratch?

For the moment, to take advantage of remote library update, you have to reopen the library and reload the entire updated remote list. I’ll try to think of a smart update in a future release but it might be tricky, especially for the removed tracks (new one should be easy to detect)

@wwaren wrote:

Where does a saved library get stored?

The library and global configuration get stored in the directory .firefly-client in your home directory. You can copy this directory on your flash drive to later copy it on your home directory on the other computer.