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Reply To: A standalone Java client: FireflyClient



Just installed version 0.4 and its working great. I’m running it at work over the internet to Firefly 1586 at home on a WD Mybook. I’ve got 2 Firefly instances running, one with ALAC’s (for my soundbridges) and one with MP3 (previously for my iPod, but now for streaming too.) Is there a way to have it update a library once its done a scan, or do I just redo the library from scratch?

Also, maybe somebody can verify that I’ve done my protection adequately to keep the music safe. I’ve got port forwarding turned on to the Mybook and changed the Firefly admin password to something less obvious than mt-daapd, and added a music playback password too. Anything else I need to do to keep The Man off my back?