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Reply To: rollback to lower firefly_svn fails



@goana wrote:

hi together,

I have running an unslung NSLU2 (V2.3R63-uNSLUng-6.8-beta) with firefly svn-1696.
Now I want roll back to svn-1498-1 for testing some things but I do not have any success.

I have done things as follows:
– Downloading the file mt-daapd_svn-1498-1_armeb.ipk and have put the file into the folder \slugADMIN 2tmp
– telnet into my slug as root
– cd /tmp
– ipkg install -force-overwrite mt-daapd_svn-1498-1-1_armeb.ipk

But what I see is “package mt-daapd (svn-1696-1) installed in root is up to date. Nothing to be done”!

What’s wrong with my procedure?

I am happy about any help.


It’s a dumbness in ipkg. The latest version broke the ability to downgrade. To make it do so, you can move your repos out of the way, then do the ipkg install:

# mv /etc/ipkg /etc/ipkg.old
# ipkg update
# ipkg install /path/to/ipkg
# mv /etc/ipkg.old /etc/ipkg
# ipkg update

Kind of lame, but there you go.

Remember that database structure upgrades from old version to new version, but doesn’t gracefully downgrade, so you’ll likely need ot delete your songs*.db

— Ron