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Reply To: Problems with slug after updating to svn-1696-1



Thanks for the advice, Fizze.

I am not concerned about my play lists, so Ijust changed the config parameter to sqlite3: “db_type=sqlite3”.

However, I am still getting the same error message when I attempt to start the server: “The requested URL ‘%80s’ resolves to a file that is not world-readable”. This almost sounds like some kind of HTML error ?

Any further advice would be appreciated.

One other question. I want to put my MP3 files into my Public Data folder on my slug (Port 2). How can I reference this file within the mp3_dir parameter within the config file ? I have tried “mp3_dir=/DISK2/MP3”, also “mp3_dir=/lkg634596/DISK2/MP3”. However neither of these seem successful.

Thanks for your help.