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@js22 wrote:

What is the “D” for? But I still have the same errors. I looked at the walk through on the wiki. On the NSLU2 wiki it says to:

Usually uninterruptible sleep — waiting on IO operation.

I thought this might have something to do with permissions why iTunes couldn’t recognize this. So I did this and it started cranking away and about 3 minutes into the process it terminated. Any ideas why it would do this? Am I going down the right avenue.

Sounds like the issue is something on the file system. First thing I’d do is plug the drive into a windows machine and chkdisk it. I think it’s got problems.

Second thing would be to check syslog on the slug and see what that tells you — like WHY the daap server stopped. And maybe it will show any hardware errors you’ve gotten too.

Also, if you are using svn-1696, then you’ll want to turn off background scans in the config file.

— Ron