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@Brandt wrote:

I have a new HP Smart Server, love it and it works great, except the itunes server and I believe it is because of the firefly software failing? I get this error when trying to start the itunes server, which I assume trys to start the firefly service?

Faulting application firefly.exe, version, faulting module firefly.exe, version, fault address 0x000222f4.

Get this error every 60+ seconds on the application log. This error was not happening this morning before trying to get the itunes portion of the server set up.

Any input would be great? Thanks in advance.

I’m guessing one of the files you have is making it unhappy. I don’t think the hp plugin manager will allow you to set the debug level of the server, though, so I’m not sure you’ll be able to see what song it’s choking on.

Easiest way to do that would be first to disable the itunes service, so that way it stops trying to start up.

Then edit the configuration file directly. You can do that by terminal servicing into the WHS server (start -> run -> mstsc, connect to ip or name of home server, log in as administrator with the whs password). Use notepad to edit c:program filesFirefly Media Servermt-daapd.conf. Add a line under the [general] section like this:


There won’t be a debuglevel line in there already, you’ll have to add the line. Then start the itunes service and let it crash. When it does, edit the firefly.log file in notepad — that will show what the last file was that it scanned before it crashed. Move that file out of the way — it must be corrupt or something.

Then start up the service again.

— Ron