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@silicon wrote:

I am having the exact same problem on Debian Etch with mt-daapd package which is showing as version 0.2.4+r137.
The firefly administrative page shows 32732 songs and in itunes it reports as having only 7099 songs. empty_strings did nothing before and after enabling it. I’ve also verified that it’s not because missing metadata because i’ve checked songs that have perfect idv3 tags that aren’t showing up at all on the daap share.

here is a link to the log file with the server running in debug -9 with itunes querying it:

And I am having the same problem above with Ubuntu 8.10. Package version says: 0.9~r1696.dfsg-2, which could be somewhat old.

Is it a matter of a simple upgrade? I’ve tried changing persmissions so that the runas user can see the files. Some files are picked up, others are not. Only some files show in iTunes. Very odd behavior. At one point, it was able to see some files. Then I rescanned and the files that were there before are now gone. Also, the playlist.html feature does not seem to work. Again, it could be an old version.