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@rflook wrote:

Hi there,

I have just bought myself a Pinnacle Soundbridge and am having a few problems connecting it to my server. I have a knoppmyth (media centre set up based upon knoppix) computer which is holding all of my music and have downloaded and installed mt-daapd. Now the server seems to be running fine as i can view its web interface happily using a web browser. The problem seems to be that whenever i have to restart my mythbox i then have to do one of two things (or in some cases both) to get my soundbridge to connect again.

I either have to

1) Change the name of the server using the web interface
2) Using a command prompt run ‘mt-daapd stop’ followed by ‘mt-daapd’ restart.

Its a right pain in the bottom. If anyone has any ideas on what might be going on or how to rectify it i would be very grateful.

Many thanks


My guess is that your server is blocking inbound multicast.

Specifically, it has to allow inbound UDP port 5353 from, and allow sending to udp port 5353 to

In addition, there has to be a route for the multicast network ( to the inside interface on your network.

Not sure what your myth box sets up for iptables, but that’s where to check.

— Ron