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@rpedde wrote:

Two separate commands, y’see.

Of course! D’oh! Working now!

@rpedde wrote:

This one is harder. Did you compile from source? If so, then it should be build to the gdbm version you have. Unless maybe it’s a lib32/lib64 issue. Is this a 64bit cpu?

I think fc8 is multiarch, and sometimes with old broken (like mine!) packages, it gets ticked off about the lib32/64 thing.

Nope it’s a 32bit virtual machine that I’m testing on before I go out and buy some kit for a proper build.

I went through the package options of FC8 and found some extra GDBM stuff that I hadn’t installed. So i installed them and recompiled mt-daapd. I was then presented with an error about not being able to find the libid3 files – turns out that was because they were not in the default location. So, i recompiled and installed again, but this time with the –with-id3tag= flag and now all is working perfectly!

Only thing left to do is buy some low power / noise kit to build a proper media server!

One last thing – is Firefly only compatible with Soundbridge / iTunes, or can i use any uPnp AV client?


Doesn’t do upnp, just daap/rsp, which makes it soundbridge/iTunes.

a full upnp server is on the timeline, though.