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Thanks for the ideas. Mapping a drive makes sense, with the only issue being half of us are on Macs and half are on PCs, so I’m waiting to find out from the Mac users if they can do it or not. It looks like I can do it with NetDrive, but so far I can only get it to access files that are already uploaded to the server, not upload any new ones.

I’m thinking about just making it so everyone has to upload music with an ftp client, but they can browse and listen with a juke box and then decide if they want to go back into ftp to download something.

The other issue is that when we all upload our iTunes libraries, a lot of stuff is going to be repeated — I’ll have a lot of the same stuff as someone else, and there’s potential that we’d end up with thousands of identical files; it doesn’t really matter, since I have unlimited space, but it would be nice to eliminate that issue just for the sake of having things a bit tidier and more efficient. Have to think about that one a bit.