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Reply To: Firefly stops responding on NAS



@lh120503 wrote:

just looked at the logs, sorry should have done that earlier.

I see

2006-12-25 03:35:55: Rescanning database
2006-12-25 03:36:18: Short file: /shares/mss-hdd/Public/music December 16, [email protected] AM/MF/C/Documents and Settings/Lee/My Documents/My Music/Elton John/Very Best of Elton John [Polygram JapanAustraliaUK] (2 of 2)/Elton John – I Don’t Wanna Go on With You Like That.mp3
2006-12-25 05:41:01: gpio state = 1

repeated continually before it crashes out, problem is that file does not exist in the itunes library or on the maxtor drive!!! How can i delete a file i cant see or am i being stupid now in desperation.

That file is there, or it wouldn’t scan it. It might be that you can’t get to it from windows because of the strange characters in the filename, but it’s there.

It may not be that file though. Try turning up the debuglevel in the config file to 9 and running the scan again. that might give you more information.