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Reply To: Firefly stops responding on NAS



just looked at the logs, sorry should have done that earlier.

I see

2006-12-25 03:35:55: Rescanning database
2006-12-25 03:36:18: Short file: /shares/mss-hdd/Public/music December 16, [email protected] AM/MF/C/Documents and Settings/Lee/My Documents/My Music/Elton John/Very Best of Elton John [Polygram JapanAustraliaUK] (2 of 2)/Elton John – I Don’t Wanna Go on With You Like That.mp3
2006-12-25 05:41:01: gpio state = 1

repeated continually before it crashes out, problem is that file does not exist in the itunes library or on the maxtor drive!!! How can i delete a file i cant see or am i being stupid now in desperation.