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@stretch wrote:

If all was OK before starting a scan then you possibly have the same problem i have.
svn-1696 doesn’t like updating the database file… Ever.

If you need to make a change i.e. new playlists, new music, updated playlists , etc. you first have to manually delete the old database file (songs.db)

Also, make sure that process playlists & process iTunes playlists are set to Yes

It has Yes to “Process playlists” and Yes to “process itunes files”. The first field “mp3 tag codepage” has no information.

What do you mean about deleting songs.db, please be very specific (i am a beginner in this:-)

Do you want me to make changes in the config-page?
– delete music folder “/share/flash/data/public/mp3” and write it again ??
– delete database file”/opt/var/mt-daapd” and write again ??

Looking forward to hear!