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Reply To: 1571 – Crash after iTunes XML Scan



@marmic0 wrote:

I experience somehow same problem.
Runnning Firefly (v1696, Nightlies) on NSLU2 with a new Maxtor OneTouch.
Everything is almost working fine.

However, I would like to use my iTunes playlist on my Pinnacle Soundbridge. So I copied the file “iTunes Music Library” (XML document) from my PC and put it on my music folder on the NAS.

Everything becomes very unstable:
– Soundbridge might play some musicfiles but end up loosing connection (no music libraries), it’s almost impossible to reconnect Soundbridge to NSLU2/Firefly afterwards
– When trying to connect to Firefly using NSLU2 ip-address + 3689 it’s simply not possible to open the webpage (so I assume the server is not running)
– However, I don’t have any problems locating the music files from windows (on the network)

When I end up removing the XML-file with the playlists, the whole thing again becomes very stable.

Do you have any suggestions?
I would very much like to use my playlists on the Soundbridge.


Not sure what the issue there is. It could be running out of memory, or it could be the problem with 1696 and background scans (try turning the scan_interval to 0), since the iTunes xml makes the background scan time go way up.

Or it could be a legitimate bug in the xml scanning. Without a backtrace, it would be hard to find on the mss, though.

So I’d try the scan interval thing first.

— Ron