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Reply To: 1571 – Crash after iTunes XML Scan



I experience somehow same problem.
Runnning Firefly (v1696, Nightlies) on NSLU2 with a new Maxtor OneTouch.
Everything is almost working fine.

However, I would like to use my iTunes playlist on my Pinnacle Soundbridge. So I copied the file “iTunes Music Library” (XML document) from my PC and put it on my music folder on the NAS.

Everything becomes very unstable:
– Soundbridge might play some musicfiles but end up loosing connection (no music libraries), it’s almost impossible to reconnect Soundbridge to NSLU2/Firefly afterwards
– When trying to connect to Firefly using NSLU2 ip-address + 3689 it’s simply not possible to open the webpage (so I assume the server is not running)
– However, I don’t have any problems locating the music files from windows (on the network)

When I end up removing the XML-file with the playlists, the whole thing again becomes very stable.

Do you have any suggestions?
I would very much like to use my playlists on the Soundbridge.