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Reply To: Compile issues under Solaris- would appreciate a little help



@rpedde wrote:

@mdmcgee wrote:

io.c:11: warning: ignoring #pragma warning
io.c: In function `io_socket_open’:
io.c:1960: error: `INADDR_NONE’ undeclared (first use in this function)
io.c:1960: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
io.c:1960: error: for each function it appears in.)
io.c: In function `io_socket_write’:

Don’t know where INADDR_NONE is defined. Might try a grep -ir for “INADDR_NONE” in /usr/include and see what turns up.

Might be arpa/inet.h or netinet/in.h or sys/socket.h… not sure.

Might just try adding all three of those as includes at the top of io.c and seeing what happens. 🙂

— Ron

Thank you,
I added INADDR_NONE to netinet/in.h right below BROADCAST and it compiles and works!

#define INADDR_BROADCAST 0xffffffffU /* must be masked */
#define INADDR_NONE 0xffffffffU /* Added 12-26-2007 */

One more question if I may. I am now getting the :
*** WARNING: Received 5 packets; Accepted 0 packets; Rejected 5 packets because of interface mismatch

I found one post from Dec 04, 2005 :

I added “interface skge1” under the general tab of mt-daapd.conf, which appears to have
fixed the issue. Is there a better or more elegant way of fixing it?
** Well, I had thought the error had gone away but it has returned.

For a more serious issue :
If a client connects, then closes and reopens a connection later it kills the server with
Error writing to client socket: No such file or directory
The process itself doesn’t die but anyone currently connected looses all access
and it no longer responds.

Any ideas?