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Reply To: Having problems to get streams from VDR via FireFly to amaro



@soundstream wrote:

I could not get external sources passed to the Soundbridge or other
cients like amarok. I also tried banshee, banshee works not too.

Again, this is a client issue. Observe that iTunes works as you expect, but amarok and banshee do not. The difference isn’t the server, the difference is the client. Amarok and banshee do not handle radio station items the same way that iTunes does. I submit that this is an Amarok (or Banshee) issue. (or, to be fair, it could be an issue with the metadata I’m sending, but firstly, this isn’t my itch to scratch, and secondly, I’d still argue that not behaving like iTunes is a failure in a client that strives to behave like iTunes at least as far as consuming daap services).

As far as working around that issue, I’m at a loss. Again, all I can suggest is that you might try rhythmbox, as it seems to be more daap compliant.

— Ron