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thanks for your reply. I could get some steps forward.
On a PC with Windows XP i installed the iTunes 7.5.
I could connect to my FireFly similar to amarok. iTunes
plays the streams which came from my VDR. I was curious
about external sources. I create a file called 181fm.url with this content:


This stream could not be played by amarok but with iTunes it is playable.

A friend of mine owns a RoKu Soundbridge. He gave me the soundbridge
for tests. Same with amarok. Only the MP3 file on the disk could be found
from the soundbridge.

I found this link
I do not know if it’s content belongs to the current FireFly.
I assume it fits to the current (svn-1696) version.

I am wondering what is the sense or idea behind the streaming.
Which clients can use this?

It shows up in iTunes (or the Roku SoundBridge) as a 64K stream with a title of “KUT – NPR Austin”

I could not get external sources passed to the Soundbridge or other
cients like amarok. I also tried banshee, banshee works not too.

At least is my intention, to have a piece of hardware which do not
consume to much power and is able to play the MP3 files from my “server” and also play the radiostations from the DVB device
which is installed on the same server. Perfekt if it has WLAN.
If the Soundbridge could handle this, it would be my choice.

Any ideas?


I believe this to be an amarok issue. It wants to fetch streams from the daap server, not from where the daap server tells it to fetch it.

It may be that you might have better luck with rhythmbox. Other than that, i don’t have any good thoughts.

— Ron[/quote]