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Reply To: Having problems to get streams from VDR via FireFly to amaro



@soundstream wrote:

mt-daapd/Firefly Version: nightly 1696
Server Operating System: Ubuntu 7.10
Server Hardware: Pentium PC, 2.1 GHz
Client Device: Amarok (1.4.7)
VDR Version: 1.4.7
Web interface: yes (shows)
iTunes XML file: no

In general FireFly works perfect. I can stream my MP3 files
to several Amarok Clients (My PC and PC of my daughter).

On My Pc is also running VDR with streamdev plugin. That means
i can grab that stream either with mplayer or vlc and can look
tv using the xineliboutput method.
I found an article on the german wiki of vdr.

I tried to setup this. The intended behavior is, FireFly should grab the
stream and provide it itself over the network.

To have this working i did the following steps:

– create an subdir in my songs collection

– create a file named SWR3.url with this content:

– edit /etc/mt-daapd.conf set extensions to:
extensions = .mp3,.m4a,.m4p,.url

After restart FireFly the url was processed and shows up in the

sqlite songs.db ‘select * from songs where id=2360’
/opt/songs/radiochannels/SWR3.urlSWR3.url|SWR3||SWR3|||pls||||||0|0|0|55|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|1|2|Playlist URL|1198177494|1198177494|0|1198177764|0|0|0||0|0|0|0|

Switching in Amarok to media-player tab and typing SWR into
the search field, shows up the entry from the songs.db. If i click
on properties i get: daap://

A doubleclick or click onto the play button shows me ( ia had to
translate because my system is german localized).
“Some could not be loaded” (not playable).

This is the point where i stuck. Can anyone help me or point me to
some infos about this topic?

If so, any help would be appreciated.


I believe this to be an amarok issue. It wants to fetch streams from the daap server, not from where the daap server tells it to fetch it.

It may be that you might have better luck with rhythmbox. Other than that, i don’t have any good thoughts.

— Ron