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Reply To: Zyxel wireless router issue?



@orkstu wrote:

Thanks for the input ron.
Have upgraded to 1586. (note that the ‘icon’ in the the task bar has dissappeared even though ticked ‘show in the task bar’) Seems to be running as shown in the config file and web interface. Multicast shown on and running IGMP ver2.
What has totally thrown me is that my laptop is working an absolute treat, through the same router!? If only it had a bigger HDD than 8gig. Tried adding songs from shared drives on the network but get the ‘500’ error, went through a few of the FAQs and other posts but i dont think it recognises for some reason… using this ‘style address: \STU-1XJC7QD4E3QSharedDocsMy Music
anyway, even though I am having these minor niggles with my desktop feed, think the soundbridge is great and was a boon all yesterday listening to decent music at a touch of a button through my amp rather than the crap ‘puter speakers.

But the laptop is wireless though, right? So the laptop and the soundbridge are on the same “side” of the router.

As far as working through UNC, you’ll have to go into control panel->administrative tools->services and change the firefly server to log in a your user account iwht your password.