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Reply To: Problem with large size .flac-files



@uncleremus wrote:

Do you have any idea what the drawbacks of this will be?

Unless you need the extra features of the newer encoder and format revisions such as album art, the only real downside is that the file size will be maybe 2% – 3% larger (not normally an issue) and the encoding speed may well be quite a bit slower (again seldom an issue especially if only done for problem files). Decoding should be unaffected.

@uncleremus wrote:

(Thanks again, by the way, good to be able to play these songs again.)

You’re welcome – glad I could help. Happy Christmas!

[Edit] Just did a quick test – my Roberts WM-201 plays Autobahn encoded with 1.2.1 perfectly when streamed using TwonkMedia without any transcoding. The Roberts supports FLAC natively and I think that is using 1.1.3 or 1.1.4 as the decoder. Very pleased about that.