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@moorederodeo wrote:

I loaded the share just by selecting itunes, and the webadmin is running and showing that all my songs are recognized, but still when I load it it does not show.

The log file exists, and I set it to level 5 with no results.

I also deleted the sqlite .db file to see if that would fix the problem, but after the mt-daapd restarted and rescanned all of the songs, I still could not see them.

The firewall is open on the appropriate port (3689), and the version is svn-1586.

What does it do? Does it spin like it’s going to connect, and then not connect? Or does the “eject” light light up like it’s connected but no items are shown?

Do the songs show up in amarok?

What does it show on a -d9 log? Anything interesting?