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@EVILRipper wrote:

Heh. Ye I had trouble making it all clear.
Currently, the 1706 is only on Ron’s test machine. Quite possibly also on the “subversion server”. I’m not sure if this server is accessible by other people than ron, but it’s probably not useful anyway.

It’s on sf (right now, I’m going to move it over to my server at some point). You can get to it here:, although I find the default svn browser to be ick, so I mirror it on trac, here:

Another good view is the “timeline” view:

where you can see what I’m doing. I haven’t been sleeping, and if you look at some of those commits, they are pretty substantial. I think I’ve got around 3500 lines of new code (eek!) already, and probably will have 4.5-5k by the time the new db is on par with the old db.

And indeed, the version is released when it’s stable “enough”. They are still “nightly” aka unstable.

It’s the “here, try this” method of qa.

So long story short, the newest version is the 1696 so far. The easiest way to find out about newer versions, is to check the RSS feed, as this is where new “stable enough” nightly releases will be posted.

Hope this clears thing up for you.

There is also an rss feed on the “timeline” page that might be of interest, too.

— Ron