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Reply To: Web interface 401 error?



I’m still a bit mystified. The web interface says I am running “svn-1696.” Is it 1696-1706, or is 1706 only on Ron’s test machine, and not published to the nightlies yet? What does he mean by “checkins?”

Or are you saying that Ron tinkers, creating different serial versions, but only publishing to the nightlies when he feels the version, although still development code, is stable “enough?” That would explain a jump from svn-1696 to something like svn-1708, with nothing in between.

Is that the idea? Or is there a “subversion server” somewhere?

I guess what I’m really wondering is whether or not there is a version available that might help with the scan challenge. I’m not sure the answer is, “not yet, but Ron’s working on it,” or “yes, it’s svn-1696-X” or something.

Thanks in advance for dumbing things down for me.