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Can you please explain “checkins?”

In the snapshots at, I see the file “mt-daapd_svn-1696-1_mipsel.ipk.” Is this the up to date and correct file for Firefly on MSS+?

In the Nightlies RSS feed at, I see the following:

“2007-10-29: memory leak fixes
Monday, October 29, 2007, 10:00:00 AM

Fixes for three fairly large memory leaks. Likely this will be the last nightly for a while, as I want to work on adding the new playlist features and redoing the database backend. Expect a couple weeks before another nightly. I may work on the build system a bit too, so there might be builds for gutsy and/or rhel 4/5.

no promises on timelines for that, though.

As always, feedback to the forums, please.”

Does this mean that the last update was on October 29?

Where does “r1706” show up?

By the way, I updated a playlist in iTunes last night, then sent the updated library.xml file to my music folder on the MSS+, renamed it iTunes Library.xml, and clicked “scan” in the web interface. This caused mt-daapd to crash. I was able to get it running again by entering “reboot” in telnet via Putty, but it did not pick up the new playlist. Is there a workaround?