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@squashuax wrote:

Got it. Everything is actually working fine since I removed and reinstalled mt-daapd, switched to sqlite3, and set scan interval to 0. The MSS+ spins down when not in use, spins up when called by the Soundbridge, and generally seems to be working more quickly than it did with 1671. I do notice that it sometimes seems to take a little extra time getting from one song to the next, but I haven’t tried to quantify or repeat the issue.

Now I’m a little nervous about performing a manual scan after I upload the CDs I received for Christmas. We’ll see…

When 1696 is updated to resolve the db issues, will it be called 1697, or will there be another version of 1696? And what is the best way to learn when the changes are made?

There is an rss feed from the page, and that will get bumped on a new release.

The release numbers are based on checkins… I checked in some stuff tonight (those following svn will be happy to see that it mostly works for sqlite2 now), and that was r1706. I’ll probably release something dangerously buggy this weekend, for those that are gluttons for punishment.

— Ron