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Reply To: When my Fedora starts, Rendezvous is not started



@gb5256 wrote:

Hello out there,
When my Fedora starts, the DAAP is started, but not the Rendezvous.
Did I forget something to setup in the config?

Normally I just stop the DAAP manually and restart it. Then also Rendezvous starts. But I would like it to be started with the boot of the system.

Did I miss something?

Thanks everybody.


Not sure, but I’ll take a stab.

I’m going to guess you are using avahi for bonjour services.

do a “chkconfig –list” as root, and see if you see the name of the avahi daemon. It might be “avahi-daemon”, or just “avahi”, or heck… redhat might call it “zeroconf” or something crazy like that.

Once you find the name of it, “chkconfig NAME on” should do it. If that doesn’t do it, then likely the bonjour service is starting *after* the mt-daapd service is.

If that’s the case, you have t change the priority of the mt-daapd service. The “right” way to do that is to chkconfig mt-daapd off, then edit the /etc/init.d/mt-daapd init script and change the start priority… somewhere up at the top it should have something like:

# chkconfig: 345 85 60

If you compare it to the bonjour one, you’ll probably see the the second number (in this case 85) is less than the same number in the bonjour init script. Change the one in mt-daapd init script to be higher, then chkconfig it back on.

should come up after reboot then.

Or, if this all reads as gibberish to you, just yell. I can either talk you through it better, or someone else here might be more redhat-y than I am.


— Ron