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@fizze wrote:

Weird. Well, ipkg is really icky at times.
Time to teach it a lesson!

Cd to /tmp/ first!

Do this to uncompress the contents of the ipk:

tar -xvzf /tmp/mt-daapd_svn-1586-1_armeb.ipk 

You’ll get a file called data.tar.gz and one called conf.tar.gz

Untar the data.tgz again:

tar xvzf /tmp/data.tar.gz

Then you find the mt-daapd binary in /tmp/opt/bin.
Make sure your mt-daapd is stopped, and then just overwrite the mt-daapd with this _stable_ one.

Yeah, I noticed that too — downgrading has been broken for a while. An ipkg bug.

I moved my repo config out of /etc/ipkg.d, ipkg update and ipkg install from local file.

Stupid, but there it is until they fix ipkg.

– Ron