Reply To: DaapPlaylistGenerator


Heh. Coincidence. I was just checking.
Well anyways, I kind of am, tho I’m real busy studying these days.
I was thinking about implementing the feature request from blamm, but never really took the time for it. Sorry! But I plan to implement it someday… 🙂

Anyway, I do give priority to a broken program.
The best way you could help me is do a simple HTTP request by entering the following URL in your browser, and saving the result to a file. (Firefox automatically asks to save the file, since it recognizes it as an unknown type)

I need this file to figure out what could be causing your crash.

Without password:
<a href="http://http://:3689/databases/1/items?type=music&meta=dmap.itemid,dmap.itemname,daap.songartist,daap.songtime,daap.songformat”>http://:3689/databases/1/items?type=music&meta=dmap.itemid,dmap.itemname,daap.songartist,daap.songtime,daap.songformat

With password:
<a href="http://http://dummy:@:3689/databases/1/items?type=music&meta=dmap.itemid,dmap.itemname,daap.songartist,daap.songtime,daap.songformat”>http://dummy:@:3689/databases/1/items?type=music&meta=dmap.itemid,dmap.itemname,daap.songartist,daap.songtime,daap.songformat

I appreciate your help.

Kind regards,