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You’re probably right. The list is currently limited to 500 * 1024 = 512000 bytes.

Could you try downloading the raw DAAP songlist?
Run the following URL and it should show you a download for a xdmap-tagged file. Please check the size of that file. (in bytes ofcourse)

Without password:

With password:

But indeed I guess this exceeds the 512000 limit..

[edit]Err. I am 100% thats the one causing it. 4140 songs create a filesize of 413795 bytes. Let alone 24000 songs.[/edit]

*sigh* C++ causes a buffer overflow when trying to allocate more than ~900000 bytes. So I guess I’ll have to do it another way. Could you try a different URL instead:

Without password:

With password:

And could you tell me how much bytes this URL generates? Thanks!

Kind regards,