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Reply To: Config Firefly on unslung / Error500mp3_dir



@sonichouse wrote:

Had a quick play on my slug.
Created a public share called “wibble”, and this created the following directory /share/hdd/data/wibble

Based upon your previous post I would do a ls of /share/hdd/data/mp3 or /share/flash/data/mp3 to see where it has stored it.

THANKS!!!!! FINALLY I HAVE MUSIC – using my unslung/pinnacle – GREAT!
I did your “ls /share/flash/data/mp3” -> this is where my music is stored.
I went to the webinterface on firefly and changed the musicdirectory to: /share/flash/data/public/mp3

3 nanosecs later Lisa Stansfield was coming out of my Pinnacle.

I really appreciate your help, this has been a long jurney, but it was worth the effort 😀